Сейчас я свободен для новых проектов
Hi, my name is Oleg
I am a UX/UI designer
Who am i
What am I doing

Design and redesign mobile applications and websites.
Website development in Wix, Webflow, Tilda.

Technology startup in the field of business intelligence
Design landing page
A complex of villas for daily rent.
Design and development a site for daily rent of villas.
Repair of gadgets with the departure.
Design and development landing page.
A nutrition startup informs the consumer about the choice of ingredients used by manufacturers.
Responsive website design and layout

The application manages engineering systems in the house and controls their work.
Smart home application design.
Messenger design to increase the involvement of parents in the educational process.
Messenger for school.
Group news from selected sources. Save, share articles on social networks, set automatic posting periods on your behalf.

News aggregator app design.
The site offers a selection of glasses and lenses of premium brands.
Redesign of online store filters.
The application exhibits things autographed by sports stars that were used in games and competitions.
Design app for sports equipment collectors.
My contacts
+7911 243 50 71